No Fighting in the War Room​(​Demo)

by Treehouse Orchestra

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released March 10, 2011

Maya Pisciotto- Vocals, lyrics
Brad Penner- Vocals, lyrics, percussion
Joey Verdian- Guitar
Pete Egan- Piano, Synthesizer
Mark Young- Alto Sax
Maxine Nemerovski- Violin
Michael Stone- Alto Sax, mixing
Kevin Reierson- Bass
Patrick Aguirre- Drums, mixing



all rights reserved


Treehouse Orchestra Berkeley, California

Treehouse Orchestra hails from Berkeley on the San Francisco Bay, Consisting of seven members, all of different musical backgrounds and preferences ranging from jazz, soul, and funk, to indie rock and electronic music, Treehouse Orchestra began in June 2010. They are currently writing, recording, and booking shows around the East Bay, gathering experiences and ideas along the way. ... more

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Track Name: CA-99
Listen closely
As rain drops softly
Mile by mile as you
Find your way home

Sunset sleeping
Hiding from sight
I bid you goodnight
Surrendering light
The roads as dark as we are bright
As we find our way home

Finding my way home.
Track Name: Feel Of Sound
The way you touch is beautiful
Soft light at your fingertips
And when you touch the world
All else falls to shadows
Beneath it

With every touch you bring
The summer heat
The feel of sound
That rushes though my veins
To calm my heart beat.
Track Name: Solid Root
I hear the whispers..whispering in my ear.
I hear the promises..promising to hear.

The good, the great, the positive outcome of my
life...if I make the right choices.

Please don't listen to the darkness revealed from voices
in my my heart... in my soul.

I know I can move mountains with my faith and
that's my goal. To be spiritually lifted.. to be
spiritually gifted... to be spiritually tested... to go
down the right path as God did.

To big goodbye to the old me and dig a grave for
that old seed.

Cause my old seed turned to a rotten weed. And that weed made my body weak and my heart bleed.

So its time for a new seed. I'm ready to produce a solid tree with solid fruit.. and solid branches..
with a solid root.

I am strong and powerful.

I see the light... and the light is bright.

My vision is getting clearer. I can see what is ahead of me.

If you see what I see, then you see the truth.
... and the truth will set you free.
Track Name: On A Whim
Farce on a whim.
We'll carry on through the dawn
Saunter and scurry
Until all of the bread is gone.

There are.. times.
There are always changes
Winds, values, tides, wages
Traipsing a line while your world rearranges
Lie mute in the midst of your song.
Track Name: Paper Dream
Let me walk with you
Please take me to

A dream world
Of paper thin transparency
A dream world
Of paper thin transparency

Watch our shadows
Longer than we’ll ever be
Watch them melt
In sunlit ecstasy

In a dream world
Of paper thin transparency
In a dream world
Of paper thin transparency

Give to me
A body that will never bleed
Wait for me
I’m coming

To a dream world
Of paper thin transparency
To a dream world
Of paper thin transparency

Dream world dream world
Dream world dream world

Ohh paper dream